Cullompton Town Council manages three allotment sites.

The first is the Burrow’s Field and for which the council is the Sole Trustee; the field was donated by Alfred Burrows with the stipulation that it is used, in perpetuity, as an allotment field.  The council nominates four of its members to act as Trustees, together with two Trustees that are not Council members, and has a separate Committee to deal with matters relating to this site.

The other two sites are at the Top Field (just north of the old part of the Cemetery and owned by the council) and another site at Hayman’s Close that is a piece of land leased from Mid Devon District Council.  Both of these sites are managed by the Town Council.

Click here to see the Allotment Policy for the Tiverton Road allotments (Burrow’s Field).

Click here to see the Allotment Policy for the Top Field and Hayman’s Close allotments.

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